In a televised address; Abadi: our efforts to fight corruption continuous scrutiny and a thorough examination of each of the used office

News Source: Ali Abd al - Salman

March 29, 2016 20:51

In the name of of Allah the Merciful, O sons of our dear people of peace, mercy and blessings of God

In every detailed timeline emphasize the need for cooperation and take all their responsibilities to reach Iraq and its people to safety, and pay attention primarily to the dangers posed to the country, and to move the path of reform, and that this is done in an atmosphere of harmony and understanding, openness and concern for the the supreme interests of the country.

We have begun steps to reform some time ago and offered an integrated project that includes ten key files about the criteria for selecting the members of the cabinet of technocrats and evaluate the performance of ministries and the fight against corruption and simplification of procedures the government program and packages of reforms in various sectors, in addition to the choice of professionals for distracting senior positions in the bodies mechanisms independent and deputy ministers and general managers who meet the required specifications away from the political quota system.

Also, our efforts in the fight against corruption going on and it performed an audit and a thorough examination of each of the advantage of position and enriched at the expense of public money and the prosecution of the phenomena of super - rich and impose the force of law reservation and others until the end of the investigation.

It also includes the protection of judges who stand up to prosecute the corrupt and necessary for the completion of their work in the best facilities face.

We emphasize to the children of our dear people that the government gives top priority to the fight against gang terror Daash because it is an existential war aims danger of Iraq and the whole world, and until resolved victory apron will continue this war , our concern the largest of which is ahead of the rest of the worries, as it can not be after all this legendary steadfastness and sacrifices to forget or forget that on the fire lines youth Gyari continue fighting day and night and sacrificed their lives to achieve our victories impressive and successive including victories achieved in recent days in western Anbar, Hawija and Mosul.

To sustain the momentum of victories requires the support and assigning and promoting fronts financially and morally and every war the requirements of the high costs, and that any negligence Sastglha enemy of terrorism to achieve its goals and to compensate the defeats it suffered at the hands of our fighters heroes.

But Aokhva you should Baghdad and the provinces security became it requires efforts and potential extra, which is It is a big strain on the military and police forces and security services in a state of alert and take precautionary measures to protect the demonstrators and to secure the lives of citizens and their interests , which is still a target for crime syndicates and terrorist attacks, and today targeted gullible seeking workers to earn a living and living in Tayaran Square in central Baghdad, and before that committed the crime heinous in the court Football Babil province, also foiled the security forces a few days ago to try a number of terrorists blow themselves up in the camps sit in order to create chaos, but not God 's care and kindness to got Malathmd consequences.

The state of alert has become affect the situation in the war fronts against Daash in light of the survival of some troops and strengthened with additional troops in Baghdad and the provinces in anticipation of terrorist attacks and breaches of security.

We call upon all our people and their political forces to take that into account and relieve pressure on the armed forces and security services, and for our part we pledge to all the implementation of the ministerial change the political, economic and overall reforms we announced the fight against corruption and the corrupt, at which time recall that the reform collectively and jointly responsible and Atqa on hand without the other.

We are dedicated to be honest with our people to the events and political developments, and we would like to make it clear in this regard that the current crisis is a political crisis must be resolved understanding between the political forces, which may be in order to achieve reforms , the impact on the military situation or restrictions on traffic and freedoms , especially in residential areas inhabited by families of citizens embarrassment and concern the case of citizens, with the emphasis that the right to demonstrate is guaranteed within the limits of respect for the law and we are striving hard to meet the legitimate aspirations of our people achieve justice, equality and equal opportunities.

I have offered to the people Iraqi month and a half demand Ministerial adjustable before and asked the House of Representatives of political and mass collaboration to achieve the desired change , which helps to cope with the exceptional political, economic and financial challenges facing Iraq, has insisted the political blocs that are nominated minister by it , considering that the parliamentary system is the system of electoral blocs gives the right to participate in the formation of the government by percentages. in contrast , there are calls for the selection of ministers outside the quota system , which allows for the selection of ministerial lineup on a new basis.

in the face of so call the board of Esquire House political block to determine their position clearly and publicly on this subject, because the head of government, ie , President of the Government, because he can not work and achieve success in serving the country and its democratic system without understanding with the House of Representatives and harmony with the political block, and in the light of this , it is not wise to provide ministerial lineup facing rejection from the House of Representatives and thus invalidate the purpose of the reshuffle, and therefore the House of Representatives that clearly specify his position and Maatalbh of the Prime Minister: Is it required to be ministers of the political blocs or provide ministers technocrats out of the blocks and quotas and whether the recent vote means or mean something else also states that some of the leaders of the blocks?

It must be to resolve this issue and move on to a new phase in the work of the government and its duties grave in the military, security and economic fields and provision of services and restore stability and displaced people to cities liberated.

We declare it openly and frankly to our people so that everyone assumes their responsibilities in maintaining security and stability and to achieve the reforms and the ministerial change that is part of the reform project , which we did in the early formation of the government and we believe that implementation achieves the aspirations of our people and meet their legitimate aspirations and we are determined to proceed with whatever the difficulties. We renew our tribute to the fighters , heroes and martyrs, the wounded and their families stones. peace be upon you and God 's mercy and blessings