Jaafari and al-Shahristani refused to resign and compromising their history of struggle

Qassim Mohammed al-Hassani

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Without warning, Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Hussain al-Shahristani refused to give up their posts in the reform campaign as this would harm the history of struggle glorious, it came in the National Alliance, which was held on Saturday to discuss the political and security crisis faced by the country and to discuss the reforms Abadi expected.

This news leaked to a meeting news agencies, but you can read between his lines declared and extremely knowledgeable about it, I'll tell you, that the National Alliance is hampering any effort poses to repair the case because he became gaunt and weak mass defends the interests of the other blocs, express their views, as is the case with a mass coalition forces and the Kurdistan Alliance which Maanevkta putting the poison in the food-and-stick in the political process wheel, also the news wants to say that these two Allekelan Almtsabaan two govern Iraq and can not abandon them despite failing personal and political to do something for Iraq and repair condition deteriorated, and simple and straightforward to discuss with the two men about any history of talking they of causing hurt Iraq and after failing including Yuklon him of tasks, especially Hussain al-Shahristani, who if there spend Iraqis Adel was sentenced to death and dozens of times because he caused the biggest harm inflicted on Iraq in modern history when linking Iraqi oil economy wheel of international companies and made us at the mercy of its influence in the world, known for loyalty and boast of this and say it was the best achievement in his life, of course, best Mahakgah of the masters of the tyrants world, which is no al-Shahristani, in addition to the oil adventure lied to the people when he received the energy file and said in 2013 energy will be issued to the neighboring countries, and everyone knows the development of electricity in Iraq, how worsened and reached rock bottom stage of the blessing of his presence at the head of power in Iraq, and today he manages the most important ministry for the construction of the scientists and the Ministry of Higher Education leaders and any follow-go and ask and know how the ministry was destroyed and become at the mercy of the boys idiots who represent it, and the history of al-Shahristani is full of lies and fraud is bumptious arrogant does not recognize to one of only himself commanded, naturally that Ergd resign and not to prejudice the dark history of this and wants to continue the destruction of Iraq indefinitely, either Mr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari is the work of the prime minister and failed miserably failed and secluded himself for a period and then returned to the Foreign Ministry and he finished Mabdah Zebari in the Iraqi diplomatic destroyed so that Iraq has become begging kindness of neighbors even Aaadhuh and not dependent any regular diplomatic method for managing the work of embassies and file international relations .an any date talking and any achievements of the two have become Sheikhan Hermine to Aevgahon something, they should be bold and courageous and leave the politics to his family and to leave Iraq to live his life comfortably and safely away from them .sahoh people Stlfezhm like other coalition forces and the Kurdistan outside the body politic, and we will be safe if it got away from us May God Almighty to forgive them Maaznboh against Iraq and its people.