The adoption of a points system .. Abadi new ministers are ready to vote next Thursday

2016 - 03-29

State of Law Coalition, revealed that the new ministerial cabin ready to vote next Thursday, noting that Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi points system will depend ministerial change.

The leader of the coalition , said Saad logistical »new ministerial cabin was to be presented today to the parliament for a vote and is ready to vote next Thursday», indicating that «Abadi another offer ministerial cabin at the request of the National Alliance leaders«.

He added that the logistical «Abadi points system will depend ministerial change and the principle of balance between the components of Iraq», and the selection of ministers from nominations Sadrist leader among the «Abadi would run from the chest cabins ministries operated by the Sadrists now».

It is said that al - Abadi deadline of the political blocs to submit their candidates for ministerial change has ended yesterday the first Friday after the duration of two days and before that a whole week.