National Alliance gives "mini - committee" three months to change the ministers, agents and managers

2016-03-29 00:06:41 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Waiting for the political blocs to Thursday to Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi offers the first amendment to his ministry, after the resolution passed by the parliament on Monday.

Despite this parliamentary obligation, but most parties are still unaware of the size of the amendment intended to be conducted prime minister.

Suggest the rule of law to be partially edited, it includes several ministries. She pointed out that the National Alliance , a deadline of three months for "mini - committee" emanating from its last meeting. Devoted a full month to make a cabinet reshuffle, then change agents ministries and independent bodies, the third month is devoted to changing general managers.

But the Kurdish parties did not know whether the reshuffle would be a radical or in part, and they need to study the details.

While showing the Sunni parties fear that affects the political struggle to liberate cities from the control Daash.

Postponed Abadi provide ministerial amended more than once due to the ongoing political dispute that escalated Dhurtha sit with the cleric in the Green Zone.

And re - Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi considered as "nine List , " which was intended to be submitted to parliament after not reaching its agreement with the parties to the National Alliance at the meeting held Saturday evening and continued for several hours.

MP says Kamel al - Zaidi, a member of the State of Law told the (range), " The National Alliance meetings have been going on a week to contain the reforms put forward by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi crisis."

Zaidi pointed to "the existence of several options and proposals reached by the parties to the National Alliance out of the repercussions of the shuffle."

The member state law that " the proposals include the formation of a committee representing the four characters from each block the umbrella of the National Alliance is working in cooperation and coordination with the mini - committee formed by the National Alliance and the prime minister to choose new candidates , " explaining that this committee determines its timeframe standing three months to complete functions. "

He said Zaidi " The work of this Commission to begin at the beginning of the month of April and ends in July and allocated one month to the ministerial changes, the second month to change agents ministries and independent bodies, and the third for general managers."

But the MP for the rule of law is that "the House resolution, which set a deadline of next Thursday, Ebadi 's decision is binding on him to submit his changes to the ministerial according to this specific period."

The Board of Deputies of Prime Minister committed to provide ministerial substitutions on Thursday , the first deadline for the reform process followed by a broader reform process related to the fight against corruption as a stage, and if it is not the House of Representatives will begin as early as next week to question him.

And on the circumstances of the parliamentary session, MP Mazen Mezni, a member of the Liberal parliamentary bloc, he says , "at the beginning of Monday 's session saw the display resolution of the House of Representatives to grant the Prime Minister two weeks to send a ministerial amendments."

He Mezni, told the (range), that "the trend is clear circumvention of the will of the Liberals and Bloc protesters in front of the Green Zone through procrastination demands by the parliament."

The MP added that the Sadrist bloc withdrew "push the political blocs and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to conduct an amendment to this resolution and give Abadi , a new deadline until the end of this week to submit ministerial substitutions." He said that "in the absence of the prime minister was able to submit amendments will adopt block free Abadi questioning."

Mezni asserts that " the Liberal bloc with the overall radical change and an end to sectarian quotas in full." He believed that "all parties are able to substitute for the Prime Minister to provide in the event of delay in submitting his booth ministerial upcoming next Thursday."

But the forces of Kurdish Liberal bloc do not participate to go to him.

He says the Kurdish MP Adel Nouri (range), that "all the political blocs not aware of ministerial changes that the prime minister planned to be submitted to the parliament," adding , "We do not know yet the desire Abadi , the adoption of a radical or partial change."

Nuri said that "what we want to know the reasons that prompted the prime minister to adopt the idea of replacing some ministers , " stressing that " the Kurdish blocs has not seen these changes , " stressing that the issue of cabinet reshuffle "needs to examine before the vote on any minister."

Kurdish lawmaker believes that "Abadi is one of the chosen members of the current government and therefore, the replacement of the prime minister of any minister must be preceded provide justifications and reasons."

In the same context, it expresses deputy of the Union of Forces for fear that the impact of reforms to liberalize the provinces controlled by Daash crisis. And calls for the National Alliance to accelerate the completion of a file cabinet changes as soon as possible.

MP says Badr stallion (range), said that "the Prime Minister to grant the participation of all the blocks the process of replacement of the new Cabinet and the nomination of the ministries." He denied that the Committee shall be Ibadi, in charge of candidacy new ministers, have taken the approval of the political blocs.