General Amnesty Law includes the governed in accordance with the confidential informant and Resisters US occupation
Monday , 28th March 2016

A member of the Legal Committee of the parliamentary bloc of the change Amin Bakr Muhammad that " the general amnesty law covers the governed in accordance with the confidential informant and Resisters US occupation."

He said in a press statement that "there is a reduction in the paragraphs relating to the accused and convicts , provided that does not include those hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis , " noting " The Committee discussed some of the paragraphs, which relate to the possibility of the inclusion of those who have not stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis and relinquish the owners of personal right and the lawsuit as well as the crimes that did not entail damage to public property. "

Said Mohammad that" the law includes kidnappings, which did not end the killing of the kidnapped after a compromise with the kidnapped for the lawsuit and who extracted their confessions by torture and coercion and convicts and accused by the news confidential informant after the formation of a committee within each court to reinvestigate again. "

He explained that" the right of the convicted who have completed one - third of his sentence to pay a tax for the remainder of his sentence and be released. "

He noted that " the law includes terrorism suspects who have carried out have not led to the killing of Iraqis, paving the way for all the defendants and who resisted the US occupation of their release."

It was House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , yesterday held a meeting with the President and members of the legal committee in Parliament.
According to a parliamentary source . " during the meeting , they discussed a number of important laws, notably the law, amnesty and the Federal Court.. "

The source quoted al - Jubouri , his emphasis on" the need to determine the timeframe for the resolution of important laws as part of the draft reforms that parliament is seeking to achieve in the current stage , "stressing" the importance of reaching positive results and overcome all obstacles to expedite the completion of the two laws.. "

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