Work: the launch of inclusive form of social subsidy next month for free
{Baghdad} Euphrates News of the Social Protection Authority confirmed to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the launch of the social inclusion subsidy form next month, "free", warning citizens from dealing with weak people.
According to a statement of the Commission, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that it "had previously identified the tenth day of April next year, the date for the reception of inclusiveness subsidy requests by free form available on the website of the Ministry or the subcommittees replaced citizen housing," he said . " launched on schedule. "
He added that" the Commission and supplied some of the complaints to the owners of the libraries of the weak people who sell a picture of the coverage for those who wish to register form in the amount of five thousand dinars , "stressing that" this form is true and false that the inclusion form adopted by the ministry free or sold in bookstores, as well as he has not launched yet. "
He pointed out that" the social protection body and through its sub - committees will receive special comprehensive applications on the tenth of next month to be entered into the social protection departments Chambers {social protection for man and women}. "
It pointed out that" the Authority is to boycott the special applicants data and then issue a report to requests accepted handed over to teams of social research for the purpose of conducting the field visit and another report requests rejected. "
The statement renewed his assertion that" social protection body under the Ministry of Labour and social Affairs identified on the tenth of April, the date for the launch of comprehensive social protection law of the new No. 11 of 2014 , which supports the standard poverty line as a basis to target poor families, as the Commission has decided to launch a subsidy protection for covered in Baghdad and the provinces every two months instead of three months , ".anthy