Sources from the alliance expects a positive outcome of the negotiations with the blocks on reform

03/28/2016 19:40:24

BAGHDAD / obelisk: Sources in the National Alliance predicted, on Monday, a positive outcome of the negotiations with the blocks on reform, while suggesting that the Commission put the finishing touches to negotiate with the blocks.

And it gave the Iraqi parliament, on Monday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi three days ending on Thursday to introduce the new cabinet reshuffle, which aims to fight corruption, but suffered a no-confidence vote of his cabinet in an escalation of pressure amid protests in the streets.

Newsreel urgent and appeared on state television on Thursday described as a "deadline" in front of the Prime Minister, who said more than six weeks that he would reshuffle comes technocrats not affiliated with political parties.

But others objected to politicians, some from within his own party on the reshuffle plan for fear of weakening the political patronage networks that maintain their wealth and influence.

Stepped cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the pressure on al-Abadi, Sunday, when he began a sit-in inside the heavily fortified Green Zone, which includes the foreign embassies and government offices.

And extended his supporters a week-long sit-in at the gates of the region and Qubawa in tents and under umbrellas amid heavy rain. As they demonstrated in the southern city of Basra.