The opening of the national card project in Kurdistan

[Where - Baghdad]
on Monday opened a national card project in the Kurdistan region.
According to an Interior Ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it under the auspices of the Interior Minister Mohamed Ghaban witnessed the Kurdistan region and in particular the conditions of Arbil / East circle, the opening of the national card project in the presence of a delegation from the ministry included the Deputy Minister of Police Affairs team Muwaffaq Abdul Hadi representatives from Ghaban and relationship manager the media Ibrahim al - Abadi Group , Jawad rhetorical and Major General Ahmed Jawad , director general sexual Maj . Gen. Mahdi blessing Waeli and Director of the card Brigadier project originated Khafaji ministry spokesman Brigadier General Saad Maan. "
" the opening process was attended by a number of figures in the province , including the interior minister of the province Karim Sinjari, the governor of Erbil and director of citizenship in Kurdistan. "
He said the " team Muwaffaq Abdul Hadi delivered a speech Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban started, in which he stressed the need to continue the work of the card and create conditions for them and the continuity of training and reduce red tape for the citizen.
for his part , praised the Minister of Interior of the province Karim Sinjari , according to the statement the efforts of the central Interior Ministry , which offers services to citizens , including national card project.
this grant Sinjari number of cards to the families of martyrs in Kurdistan, it is hoped that the conditions of Arbil / East Department issuing 300 card on a daily basis for the citizens in the region. "