Parliamentary economy: $ 250 million allocated by the World Bank loan repaid later

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} for economic and investment commission in Parliament made it clear that the $ 250 million that the World Bank announced allocated for Iraq, is a loan to be repaid later.
The Vice-Chairman of the Committee Harith al-Harthy, told {Euphrates News} "The amount of 250 million dollars, which was announced by the head of the World Bank, the loan is repaid later."
He pointed out that "the Islamic bank manager said, there will be granted to the provinces in order to raise these provinces and municipalities, as well as his call for the formation of a partnership between the public and private sectors."
He added that the World Bank President said during his visit to Iraq, to ​​be "There are partnerships with the world countries to lift the Iraqi economy, financial, and technical expertise and world to participate in building Iraq."
He said Al-Harthy, "There will be granted industrial and agricultural sectors for the advancement of the Iraqi industry on the one hand and the development of agriculture, so there will be a renaissance of a comprehensive, he said Ban Ki-moon said that Iraq possesses all the components can be that it becomes the first industrial and economic countries in the world."
The World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, announced last Saturday, the allocation of $ 250 million to restore stability in the areas liberated from Daash gangs.
He said during a press conference, jointly with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the head of the Islamic Bank Ahmad Muhammad Ali, "there are economic and administrative reforms intend to do to achieve stability," pointing out "we need a more intensive efforts to achieve this endeavor and for the fight and Daash corruption" .anthy