Adviser to Barzani: Allies committed a big mistake

2016-03-29 01:22:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

The last talk about the independence of Kurdistan and the boundaries of their state and a referendum for full independence from Iraq before the end of this year , media adviser to the president of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani, said, has nothing to do with Arabs as a nationality and as a partner for the Kurds in the ground as far as the ruling regime in the country where shared by both sides.

He said the struggle of Mahmoud Karim said in an interview with the newspaper "News" Egyptian, that Baghdad has failed across all systems that wisdom, since the founding of the Kingdom of Iraq in the early twenties of the last century, and even drop its political goal of "one - party system and the commander of the only Saddam Hussein , " he said , adding that Baghdad tried over 80 years exterminate Kurdish nationalism, and burned with napalm and chemical weapons and aircraft more than half of Kurdistan.

He pointed out that the latter system ( the government of Nuri al - Maliki) , who was the Kurds a vital part of it and participated in the establishment, failed during more than ten years to convince the man of the Kurdish street that he was keen him, and with the first otherwise use the media did not differ in their results than those used before previous regimes.

In response to a question about whether the Kurds in the Kurdistan region move towards independence , in conjunction with the end of the United States to create a military base in controlled Alپeshmrگh forces areas as green Declaration of Kurdish State light, cream the Kurds said , not waiting for a green light from the Sun, explaining that " Kurdistan people struggling under the leadership of the liberation movement led by since the forties of the last century leader Mustafa Barzani, which resulted in many revolutions and uprisings culminated in the victory of the spring uprising in 1991 which led to the so - called safe haven at the time a decision of the UN Security Council. "

He said the Kurdistan self independence from Baghdad and went to a general election which established the first directly elected parliament Kordstani and under the supervision of observers from the United Nations, the European Union and human rights organizations, and has been the formation of the first independent regional government completely from Baghdad in 1992.

He added that the Kurds were keen on the unity of Iraq , more than all those who have ruled Baghdad, and abandoned their independence privileges when Saddam Hussein 's regime fell , and went to Baghdad to establish a federal state pluralistic democracy where Arabs and Kurds involved and the rest of the components of state citizenship, adding that they are "re - again production - party system one under the banner of the majority of quotas and sometimes at other times and then the acquisition of all the political, military and financial decision - making positions, and they were really, specifically the State of law bloc of Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki and his Dawa Party, fail to rule Iraq since its inception , "as he put it .

Asked if the Kurds declare in Syria sentenced federally in their areas unilateral introduction full of independence and integration with the Kurdistan Region and whether there was there coordination between Kurdistan and the Kurdish region in Syria for integration into a single state, media adviser to the president of the Kurdistan Region, said that the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region It has announced its support for the choice of the Kurdish people there, in order to achieve the objectives of the people and install their rights constitutionally and legally.

However, this does not mean that there is a foundation of the state between the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Syria 's Kurdish federal scenarios, indicating that the official discourse emphasizes the Kurds options in other parts of Kurdistan and respects their circumstances and the nature of the relationship with their partners there, without any interference in their affairs.

On the Turkish position on the ongoing developments relating to the case Martyrs, cream to pointed out that the Turks made ​​sure after the success of the Kurdistan Region and prosperity, as neighbors , positive and peaceful of the territory and the land Mattah typical environment for investment, pointing out that so Barzani said that the Turks understood the issue of the Kurds and realized that it is useful to be friends of the Kurds.

He said he therefore invests Turkish companies tens of billions of dollars in Kurdistan, in addition to important agreements in the energy sector, pointing out that "if Ankara uncomfortable from a Kurdish state to the south, as seen by some experts and observers, but they will not Taadea will not be a stumbling block in the way of its development, and for that today Turkey has a strong and important relations with the region to serve their interests and the interests of its people and the people of the region as well. "

On the change in Iran 's position that it was rejecting any entity independent Kurdish so as not to move to the territorial separation infection, Mahmoud said that the hostility and the use of violence to suppress the people the language is no longer acceptable behavior, relations between the most enmity countries in the world have evolved and became economy and interests beyond culture hostility, and thus opened the Kurdistan region on all neighboring countries, particularly Iran and Turkey and lived with them , a system of economic and investment interests that generate billions of dollars for their people.

Karim said that the allies have committed in the Sykes - Picot big mistake against the peoples of the region in general, noting that the West in general and Americans in particular, have realized these facts and work slowly in order to atone for their mistake.

However , that the people of Kurdistan proved by addressing the civilized and brave for the biggest war of "terrorist" exposed to the world today in the face of the organization "Daash" as well as receiving more than two million displaced people from the Arabs who conquered "Daash" towns in western Iraq , despite the distress of the financial region and provide security and peace to them, This prompted the whole world to reconsider his positions of Kurdish cultural and demands , which insist on using dialogue and a referendum instead of violence and bloodshed.