Babylon , give priority to the electricity sector of its budget to the development of regions


Babylon / Mohammad Iqbal

The local government decided in Babylon, he was awarded the electricity sector, a priority of the development of the regions of the current 2016 budget funds, if received from the central government. And while confirming that the amount up to 70 billion dinars, stop important projects in this sector due to the financial crisis confirmed.
The deputy governor of Babylon, the first Medal of Aslan, in an interview with (long-Presse), "The local government in the province of Babylon, has decided to give priority to the development of the regions for the electricity sector projects and grant funds from the regional development budget if received from the central government because of the electricity sector is important and necessary for the population of the province ".
Aslan said that "there are important projects in the electricity sector arrived to work out an advanced stage and stopped now because the amounts of exchange rate due to the financial crisis experienced by Iraq, including the delivery of electricity for residential neighborhoods of projects in my part my father drowned and rump and spend Musayyib and run Khikan secondary station in the Hashemite spend equipping and secondary power station in the hand of Imam north of Babylon. "
Aslan said that "among the stalled projects also create a secondary station in terms of Shomali, south of Babylon and the complete works of electricity generation secondary mobile station in the Hashemite spend and set up secondary stations in the city of Hilla, and the creation and rehabilitation and the delivery of electricity to a number of residential districts in the province and the completion of a secondary station in terms of protoplasm project ".
Aslan emphasized that "the completion of these works and projects linked to the accession to maintain allocated to them from the development of enterprises, which amount to 70 billion dinars, and that the local government did not receive any amount, including the amounts."
The Power of Babel projects are many and varied distributed creates a secondary stations in the districts and areas full switch to the old electricity network and toggle switches, delivering electricity to the villages and the countryside.