Nights in the heart of the protest leader al-Sadr does not Ihdja eye does not sleep, and I hope awaits the dawn of reform

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Dig pace of reform and survival of the nation defies chest commander odds and moving actively on the effects of pious parents and grandparents .. tent dignity in strongholds who deceived politics and the money it's not a tent, but the sun Talat on steeped in Mlmathm revealed the corridors of corruption and dark dens plots, al-Sadr staged a sit objectives and stuck to the poor do, spend the chest night Mthjadda for consoles back tears tears of orphans and bereaved recite the book of God and with each verse increasingly insistent on the completion of the draft reform, when meditating, he heard groans oppressed people, chest night eliminates saying Hamda and proximity ensures behind drew positions sorrows to the Sultan they are on a date with the meridian and the king to the demise of al-Sadr spends night in prayer while Agthon spend to inspire bargains at the expense of the oppressed people injured ... he's the commander-Sadr said Iraq righteous son
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