Abadi will not provide new his cabinet to parliament today


Monday , 28th March 2016

Baghdad, the Iraqi National / agency News / Nina / confirmed a source close to the Cabinet , "said the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi will not present his cabinet to parliament today as scheduled due to the differences on the foundations that have been adopted in the formation of a committee to choose the ministerial cabin , headed by MP Mehdi al - Hafez , which . "

The source told the national Iraqi news Agency / NINA /" the sharp differences emerged in the national Alliance meeting last night between some of its members, and Abadi , who accused him of trying to force religious parties from the political scene and submit to the wills are not accepted by the political blocs, particularly the national Alliance, who insists that the elections Qaeda have the foundation in the selection of ministerial cabin. "

The source added , " the National Alliance has formed a committee Tzm both Hadi Amiri , head of the Badr Organization and Faleh al - Fayad , the National security adviser and Hamid Maaleh spokesman for the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council to determine the names of the ministerial cab from the menus brought by the Commission Mehdi al - Hafez and the Sadr movement and the names and other additives of the political blocs. "

The source explained that" Abadi is in a private wrong with the pressures faced by adhering to the political blocs respective ministers and electoral stakes and the protesters at the gates of the green Zone claimants hastily comprehensive and radical change in attitude. "

The leader of the Islamic Dawa Party , Abdel - Hadi al - Hassani has declared that " the National Alliance form a tripartite committee to assist the prime minister in the reshuffle process, while the National Alliance , pledged to cooperate with all political blocs to complete the reshuffle within the next few days, not Monday as originally planned so ".