The work of the Ministerial Abadi adjustable stop


Monday , 28th March 2016

Political source revealed stopped the work of the Committee set up by own Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi ministerial amendment because of the insistence of the political blocs to their positions.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "that most of the political blocs , whether Almnzawah in the National Alliance or outside of an alliance of Iraqi forces and the Kurdistan Alliance, refuses to be the choice of new ministers by the committee formed by the al - Abadi, attributed the reason for the lack of knowledge of the committee members the personalities that choose ministers within the cabinet reshuffle, and asking him "to be a political blocs are determined by professional personalities and Ketnoaqrat."

He explained , "that most sticking to its position of the need for a statement Abadi political blocs reasons to change the cabinet, and to clarify the names Almtlkian of them, so that the blocks replaced, and that the political blocs is not convinced of names put forward in the media to Tsenmanm ministries, and therefore put Abadi new government away from the political blocs, put him in an awkward position of rejecting political blocs to ratify the new cabin in the parliament. "