Revenues and expenses balance prevents the waste of public money

3/28/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad Emirate
Academy d said. Waiting for al-Shammari from the Faculty of Administration and Economics at the University of Mustansiriya: that money Hoalhak a financial value, whether it really was or in kind, or indeed of moral rights, technical or industrial.

She said Shammari in an interview for »morning» to overcome the images waste of public money when you customize it and when it is used has ended a lot of international experience to a group of controls, mechanisms and formulas process is the most important, estimating revenues and expenditures under the cash balance of the government general budget.

The definition of public money

She intended public money is financial, human, material and technical resources that are allocated to units engaged in the government sector to spend on various activities, through which to measure the net assets of operating each unit of which, depending modern concept of public money on the contemporary nature of each of the administrative and accounting units and methodology to achieve group operating balance behind the allocation of public money.

State apparatus needs

She recalled that the pursuit of his must-have to focus on priorities and basic needs of various state agencies on the one hand and between the financial capabilities and available resources on the other.

She noted that this required balance sustains the importance of controlling the public debt, domestic and external, both, saying whenever we exploit contained better, it is in the interest of society for future generations, pointing out that the government's budget estimates must take into account control public spending, which entail it's control public spending through sound estimates of the spending, according to scientific assets, so as to ensure that public spending reflects the actual and necessary needs without an increase or decrease, so the actual implementation in line with the estimates without coming Excesses.

Shammari stressed that proper assessment of public spending calls for the adoption of modern information systems and the use of modern computer as a necessity to ensure proper and advanced preparations and work to link this spending programs to ensure the performance of financial discipline and achieve efficient maintenance.

Actual results budgets

And it stressed the need to take into account the actual results of the implementation of budgets, and connect it with the new estimates by financial and quantitative targets, and make it limited to alimony inevitable and not just rely on the annual connectivity and rate of growth, calling for attention to maintenance as input chairman to keep the assets of the community and his wealth and to ensure a more efficient performance and the proper exploitation of the energies available.

It concluded Shammari to say: that the obligation to collect state benefits and the rights of the public treasury and tax and non-tax is an important thing should stakeholders be given priority interest, so that a delay in the collection of the state's rights lead to negative effects on the budget and hinder the implementation of the requirements of development, and lead to the fact that the General Treasury to borrow and increase the public debt, at a time when he could avoid it if it takes into account the collection rights of the state in a timely manner. Concluded Shammari her saying that consensus has varied on the identification of a specific criterion to distinguish public funds from private money, ranging views between the application of the scope of the money or expanded, varied legislation on this subject. For the French law, the French legislator did not pass a clear criterion can rely on it to distinguish money public from private funds, the Jordanian legislature adopted in Article 60 and the law of the Libyan in Article 87 civilians and Syrian law in Article 90 of the Sudanese in Article 70 and right in Article 120 of the distinction between public money and private, either in terms of the position of the Iraqi legislature has resolved standard customization beneficial to distinguish between public and private funds in accordance with Article 71 of the Iraqi civil law issued in 1951, and thus the legislature had taken prevailing in the new Fiqh criterion, the standard allocation for the public benefit.