Baghdad investment: 200 investment projects provided 30,000 jobs

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The balance of news
Baghdad Investment Authority Chief Shaker Al-zamily, Sunday, there are more than 200 investment projects provided 30,000 jobs, called ministries to cooperate with the private sector to move economic segments.

He said Aydin/balance of news, that "there are many ministries started hauling lots of projects to the private sector and this is the objective through investment law No. 13 of 2006 amending the Act No. 50 for the year 2015 which gave many concessions to Iraqi and foreign investor", stating that "this law will give good concessions to attract capital."

He added, "there are more than 200 investment projects provided more than 30 000 jobs which will enhance the development and development and meet the demand of the local market with a lot of goods, especially after there has been the view of the Government law enforcement task, whether customs and consumer protection tariff, a product which in turn will encourage industrialists."

Baghdad investment authority granted investment licenses for 341 projects, while noting that between 130 building 1,000 housing units, said that some supplier within the sectors of health, tourism, recreational and industrial aspects. All over
From: Heba Noureddine