Legal representative: general amnesty ready to vote

Political Since 27.03.2016 at 12:04 (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News
Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed Sunday, it's the process of the meeting on Sunday to complete some disagreement on the draft general amnesty law points in order to vote on it.

He said committee member Hassan Turan's / balances News / "The Legal Committee will complete all the sticking points that provided the political blocs, and then submitted to the Presidency for a vote in the next parliamentary sessions."

He pointed to Turan, that "the law will be ready for a vote during the current week and keep it at the Presidency in and put it on the agenda for a vote in the next parliamentary sessions."

The political blocs have objected to much of the material in the draft general amnesty law, which he considered equals between a terrorist and a civilian committed a crime, while the Union forces demanded that the law includes whitening prisons with the exception of stolen public money and Alarhab.anthy

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