Babel signed a memorandum of understanding with a French company for the implementation of the airport and four service projects

03/27/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 103

Babylon / Mohammad Iqbal

The local government took place in Babil province, on Saturday, a memorandum of understanding with a French company to create four service projects governorate (100 km south of Baghdad), worth five billion dollars, and as the two sides agreed to establish an international airport and the oil refinery and a factory for waste recycling, power station and tourist city , management of Babylon that "confirmed the investment is the main gate for the development of the province."
The head of the Krupp and Akan French Sher Ali Safi in an interview with (long-Presse), "we signed today in the office of the province of Babylon memorandum of understanding for the establishment of many of the projects after he studies for each project," noting that "the total value of the projects is estimated at five billion dollars ".
He said sorry: "We signed on the establishment of Babel International Airport for transport and shipping, and the establishment of an oil refinery with a production capacity of more than one hundred and fifty thousand tons and set up a power plant with a capacity of a thousand megawatts, as well as the establishment of a factory for waste recycling and the creation of a tourist town near the airport," noting that "the city will be the first city in Iraq to train young people in the aviation and hotel and tourism hubs of the fact that the province of Babylon is one of the most important archaeological and tourist cities. "
The prime Krupp and French Akan "We found significant cooperation by the local government in order to complete a memorandum of cooperation, we will work out soon."
For his part, the deputy governor of Babylon Hasan napkin, in an interview with (long-Presse), "We have signed today with Krupp and Lacan's French, which includes giant companies in all economic and industrial fields Agreement and the Memorandum of investment for the development of the province in many areas," pointing out that "investment today is the main gateway for the development of the province of Babylon in light of the critical financial situation. "
Napkin and explained that "the investment in these projects would have a payoff Mali, senior economist in terms of the operation of labor and stimulate the local market movement."
The Babil province (100 km south of Baghdad) today need a large and spacious projects for the development and operation of labor and economic revitalization of the local and this comes only through investment.