In the parliamentary economy by reducing warns of dollar selling without reducing import

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} member of the committee of economy and investment parliamentary Najiba Najib warned the central bank to reduce sales of the dollar, without the government's orientation to support the gross domestic product and reduce import.
She said Najib, told {Euphrates News} The central bank's decision to reduce sales of the dollar, came "in response to the current situation and the lack of revenue from oil and of hard currency from the dollar, objective of the Central Bank of the stability of the Iraqi dinar with the dollar, as the hard currency in Iraq is the dollar ".
She added, "If the decision to reduce the sale of the dollar, without taking measures to encourage the industrial and agricultural sector as well as other sectors will have a significant impact on increasing the price of the dollar against the dinar, which means that the ordinary citizen will bear the brunt."
She explained that "the decision to reduce the sale of the dollar will be negative as the price of the dollar will rise, but whether the actions taken by the correct government is moving towards supporting the gross domestic product, the demand for imports from abroad would be a little, so the lack of demand for the dollar will be parallel with the decision central bank".
Najib stressed that "the objective of the central bank policy is to ensure the survival of the dollar, according to the possibilities, Fbbed often can not keep the rate of the dinar against the dollar as much as possible, so this stability is the main objective."
She pointed out that "this decision was made in consultation and coordination with the International Monetary Fund and the Finance Ministry, after consultations with the Government of the Council of Ministers Supreme Economic Commission and the Finance Ministry, because there is a tendency, and measures are taken to reduce the import from abroad, relying on the gross domestic product through small and medium enterprises and large, as well as supporting the industrial and agricultural sector. "
The Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords, announced last Wednesday, the bank's intention to reduce sales of the dollar by 50% for the year 2016 this, stressing the need to take into account supply and demand.
Keywords and said in a televised interview, said that "rationing exists with the bank to sell the dollar during the auction conducted by where we started to cut these sales in 2015, which amounted to 25% compared to the previous year," pointing out that "the year 2016 perhaps we will reach this sales a decrease of 40 to 50% from the previous year, ".anthy