Abadi in front of three options at a crucial meeting of the National Alliance "partial change or destruction and either to resign."

Baghdad -arac Press -27 March / March: hold the National Alliance leaders, on Sunday evening, a meeting described Balhacm before going prime minister to parliament Bmarchah government technocrats.

She says close to Prime Minister sources, that "Abadi will present at Sunday 's meeting, two options for the adoption of one of them National Altahablv leaders, first is to conduct a ministerial comprehensive change, and the second replacement of nine ministers. " According to the sources, who asked not to be identified, that" if the components of the coalition agreement on one of two options, the prime minister will go Ptgierath ministerial offered on Monday to Parliament . "

The sources said, "and there may be a third option would provide him Abadi , in the absence of his conception of the agreement with the national components of the coalition is to submit his resignation , " arguing that "this option will be paper stressful on the forces of the Alliance for decisively in the case of passing the ministerial reforms intended Abadi send it to parliament. "

And on the lists of the blocks , which reached the Prime Minister, says sources said the " State of law bloc has reviewed all the names sent by the Committee on the chest to the Prime Minister was a choice of five figures a candidate to fill some of the ministries in the new government. "

The sources expected that" picks Abadi three characters from the chest list if the change includes nine ministers, but if comprehensive change Vsissar to choose five entire who have been identified by the head of government and the rule of law. "

And gave the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, until Saturday, to declare a technocrat government, and threatened to "another pause" in case this does not happen.

But Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, he decided Saturday to postpone the show lineup technocrat government in parliament for two days.

He attributed the early reasons for the delay , a political source to grace delayed blocs, even on Monday, to submit their candidates , particularly the Kurdistan Alliance. Later Abadi said at a joint news conference with UN Secretary - General Ban Ki - moon that he would present his candidates to parliament this week. Ended (1)