Sadr, inspects the protesters and instruct them to prepare to lay siege to parliament and the prime minister by Monday

Baghdad -arac Press -27 March / March: visited the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr , the protesters gathered at Baghdad 's Green Zone gates amid extremely security measures in the militancy and the presence of heavy armed elements of the Brigades of the current peace site.

And cut off the roads by the Baghdad Operations Command during the visit , which lasted fifteen minutes before leaving the place according to a security source in Baghdad.

Earlier , announced leader of the Sadrist movement that the current leader Moqtada al - Sadr returned to the capital Baghdad from Najaf province, expecting to extend the sit -in in front of the green Zone.

According to the words of the military aide to the cleric Abu Duaa Issawi.

In the meantime, he said political chest , who asked not to be identified (Sadr asked Saraya securing peace Yemen corridor to enter the protestors to green to besiege the parliament building and the headquarters of the Council of Ministers on Sunday night or day Monday and were ordered to surround the buildings by Monday). It ended 12