Maliki: Who wants to get away from the reform fanfare arms

Najaf - Iraq Press - March 27 / March: president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki demanded stay away from the fanfare arms to achieve reform, warning of strife and infighting at the stage after Daash.

He said in a speech in Najaf "strangers fabric has been hacked in the past when he moved ambitions haters from Damascus to Baghdad and began the sit-ins movement in Ramadi and thought they found a carpet of silk, but with the support and reference clan stopped those who want to topple the Baghdad and Najaf," he said, adding that the protests were the trick fooled many, but not all of their income was probably where he wants legitimate demands.

"Today when we talk about reform, we have to move away from the fanfare of arms and other confiscated and the Constitution in order to achieve reform," stressing that "the fight against corruption one of the priorities is to push for Mufdsin institutions that fight corruption."

Maliki promised that "the post-Daash we will open fire division through the federal and provincial gates, which will sign a sectarian war on the people of Iraq, but ready when clans and awareness in the western regions Sidhoud this project." Q ended