Dhi Qar adopt a strategy to stimulate the private sector

3/27/2016 0:00

Nasiriyah - Hazem Mohammed Habib
recommended first economic, organized by the Chamber of Nasiriyah on Trade in collaboration with UNIDO National University of Science and Technology , which concluded its work in Dhi Qar, the formation of a committee representing the international relations in the provincial council as well as the development of economic strategies for projects that benefit the province in detail from conference by stimulating the private sector and a group of people with different and complementary disciplines.

it showed the recommendations need to develop a plan of action on receipt of revenue and disbursement of similar provincial plan after the provincial Council for full powers and the disengagement with the ministries. investment opportunities and chairwoman of the Committee on strategic planning and investment in the provincial council Ashwaq Zuhairi »Sabah»: the recommendations that came out of the conference dealt with several important points included investment opportunities in terms of the continuation of the work of the local government in the province for investment opportunities contained within the investment map of Iraq in 2015 to contribute to the creation of jobs for young people. Pointing to contribute to the improvement of their living standards and reduce poverty, as well as attention to infrastructure tourist.

She noted that other recommendations that came out of the conference included opening a bank account for all conservative revenue (ministries) as well as a resolution of the province to work BOT for tourism projects overall system and put feasibility study for Tourism and Antiquities that are unique to the province.

exploiting water and said Zuhairi: the recommendations included the allocation system for water distribution and optimum utilization of the waters of the marshes in terms of benefiting from sewage and improve the water system at the level of Iraq, in addition to identifying specific laws on the use in specific areas especially in irrigation networks and agricultural channels. for his part, President of the economic and financial Committee in the provincial council Rashid Serail »Sabah» the conference recommended the need to adopt a strategy optimal package of policies and procedures appropriate to stimulate and strengthen the private sector at the current stage of its development thanks to its skills and expertise in the sectors agriculture and construction as well as to raise awareness of the practice of good work at the small and medium enterprises owners, and benefit from the advanced experiences and material and technical support of donor countries for Iraq and the international organizations and economic institutions for private sector development and raise the level of technical and professional expertise and management. sector industrial chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Nasiriyah , Abdul Razzaq al - Zuhairi between »Sabah» that the conference aims to modernize the concepts of work , especially in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship to revitalize the industrial sector through the establishment of better relations with the advanced industrial countries and the signing of agreements with them to the transfer of modern technology to the Iraqi industry.

He pointed to the conclusion of the agreements with the Arab countries through trade zones Free to increase participation in the dissemination of knowledge and joint venture opportunities, stressing the need for local protection product by taking measures to reduce the deviation of poor and low commodity in price from various countries around the world , including the exemption of profits and income taxes and customs duties on imports of the private sector kits policy actions.

He Zuhairi that those recommendations will be submitted to the Iraqi government and local communities for the purpose of inclusion to draw a road map to improve the level befitting the private sector and meet the ambitious all the economic institutions in Dhi Qar. trainings UN expert Dr. Abdul - Hadi al - Rikabi called to include the recommendations as an initiative for students of the faculties of engineering departments and technical College universities of Dhi Qar and South Sumer and technical graduates Bhmolhm training courses within UNIDO programs and prepare them for the labor market and seeking to obtain jobs in the private sector at the request of the need for them.