Application Government Reform mechanisms to stimulate economic growth

3/27/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
Consistent with the reformist government orientations within the program and plans for the future, the Union of Entrepreneurs of Iraq called in a specialized seminar to involve the private sector with civil society organizations and international organizations to develop the business environment and implementation of strategies, plans and systems efficiently and effectively and to combat corruption Mayshm in stimulating economic growth and job creation.

She summarized the study obtained by the «morning» the objectives of these calls, stimulate economic growth through the simplification and implementation of laws, regulations and instructions, and the application of transparency and adoption of accounting on the performance and increase the sense of patriotism and community participation, as well as encouraging innovation and the development of production and productivity, service delivery and improve the quality and competitiveness.

Besides, it noted the importance of job creation through the promotion of real opportunities to finance the existing business and new projects, in addition to improving the level of cooperation and integration and partnership between the public and private sectors.

To achieve these goals, the study emphasizes the need to identify work out axes, namely to reduce the level of bureaucracy, and strengthen the fight against administrative corruption mechanisms, as well as improve the level of implementation and institutional capacity-building, and the application of strategic planning in the implementation of activities, and improve the infrastructure, in addition to raising the local content level of products and the provision of services, and the formation of the dialogue center for the development of business between the government and the private sector.

In order to ensure the success of the pace of reform in the field of business environment, the study noted the importance of developing an action plan in line with the six-sectoral activities (agriculture, construction infrastructure, industry, trade and business, tourism, hotels, banking and investment, education), which represents eight provinces agendas, each agenda within a single platform highlights the common themes in all provinces and at the national level.

In turn, the Businessmen Union urged the importance of the formation of the dialogue center for the development of business between the government and the private sector, with the aim of integration, coordination and cooperation to achieve development and economic development, as it is a dialogue center tool for these parties to implement all the activities and performance monitoring, and shall form two teams for the first planning and implementation, and the other for monitoring and evaluation .