Stimulate banking activity

Author: Yasser incumbent

3/27/2016 0:00

There is much talk about the phenomenon of compactness retain any citizens for their money at home, it is estimated that more than 70 percent of the money they are trading at a chunky houses in reference to the failure to deal with the banks, not the government nor private.

Analyzes and explanations come from here and there about the reasons for the reluctance of citizens deposit their money in banks What is the effect on the size of their contribution to the development because of poor credit policy, the question Is that the citizen is right Bazovh despite compactness risks that warns them money and economists, which boils down to exposure to damage, or for any theft, and most importantly declining real value, then what causes that deepened this phenomenon?

Key factors led to the emergence of the phenomenon of compactness firstly preoccupation with banks and other activities check her Mazmonh gains and distance it from the credit risk after being exposed to the many problems in their inability to recover loans and this is the banks led to a lack of interest in the deposits was offset by the weakness of encouragement and lack of incentives for citizens to deposit his money this is the part of the other hand the loss of citizen's confidence in banks due to ill each administration in dealing with the citizen, where is facing difficulty in pulling his money otherwise harm the reputation of the banking sector due to the mistakes of others, that's all there is to it.

Now an urgent need for the role of banks in the development through its support to the productive sectors soft loans because banks rely on lending to what is available of their deposits has faced great difficulty and this case was one of the beauties of the financial crisis that led to the scarcity of Alciolhlabesbb not available but for hoarding more than three-quarters of the houses to motivate banks to return to this activity , how can we develop the country?

Before now, the banking sector and in light of this crisis, a historic opportunity for the expression of the success and the possibility of a citizen's confidence in his ability to fulfill its obligations by seeking to ensure the success of development loans launched by the central bank and work program to deal with it professionally and carefully in order to pass this test, if able to achieve goals needed the confidence to not return just for the banking sector but will grow and deepen .olna vision to build on these successes Azlabd the central adoption of the principle of assessment and proper classification of banks via his initiative the adoption of international institutions to assess the performance and adoption in the seed banks support through announced to deal with ministries and prioritized in the implementation of loans and legislation deposit Insurance Law to fully contribute reassertion of confidence in banks to enable it to perform its role and achieve the desired goal of central banking activity in stimulus for development.