Sadr and the deficit in Baghdad!

March 26, 2016

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Less than twenty-four hour period ending prognostic made possible by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, One of a number of Iraqi Shiite clerics who Amthnoa political work since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. In order that the Iraqi government's radical reforms in governance and administration, gave warning on 12 February to be allowed to forty-five days and no more, punctuated by protests and maneuvers and pressure of time. Reforms needed almost impossible, because those in charge of government did not care to do it, as they are unable to do .. is like to ask the thief at the same time to be a policeman! In the sense that there is a contradiction between the interests of radical demands and among political actors. After weeks of buildup around the Green Zone, home to the government and senior Iraqi leaders and some embassies in Baghdad gates, raged deadly between the chest and the various aggregates composed of nice heterogeneous political conflict, and between the poles of power in Iraq, to ​​the extent that Mr. Nuri al-Maliki, head of the Dawa Party, and perhaps is a key target, said in a fiery statement (men with men and arms with arms) in the invitation-like calls for fencing in the European Middle Ages, in contrast, Haider al-Abadi Prime Minister and member of the ruling Dawa party to withdraw part of its forces combat fighting on the front, in order to It protects the Baghdad green Zone is likely invasion.

Mounting sharp statements between the leaders of the ruling National Alliance, Chi splitting (Shiite House NDP) which was originally to be not in order to provide for Iraq effective solutions to the problems of this country's political, security and economic chronic, but to prevent another component of access to power under the thesis irrational says ( they Gmona for years and have left us slapping and now rule over them and let them bashing)! A combination that carry more than anything else, the political foolishness.

Iraq today is the internationalist Cup race at the bottom of the holder of degrees (corruption) .. No country on earth with the highest rates of corruption, such as Iraq, so that it exceeded all failed states, which arrived in the cracking that we are witnessing now in the ruling group, but the discord takes an ideological dimension, as is customary in the world of the past peoples Party is the ruling Dawa (mimics) sectarian Mr. Mahmoud Alshahraorda, a Shiite reference, when you want to Nstgosai background shows you in his autobiography published on the Internet under the citizenship box that (Iraqi / Iranian) a statement rare in such big personalities, but it also carries a message that (Iran and Iraq) about one thing under the rule of the current coalition! In some publication, Mr. Shahraorda adds to his name (or al-Husseini al-Hashimi) again in the clear messages to those who want to understand! Perhaps one of the few who is proud of being an Iraqi Iranians at the same time, has been arrested in Iraq as a member of the Dawa party during Saddam Hussein's rule, then go to Iran after the Iranian revolution ascended quickly in the structure of the Iranian regime's Revolutionary, and within what he got from positions in Iran that He became the head of the judiciary, and also a member of the Guardian, and a member of the Expediency Council, among a lot of big positions in which the Savior of an Iranian revolution served, and is known for his well hostility to reference the Shiite in Najaf, which is led by Ali al-Sistani and also near Mr. Sadr himself. Some commentators believe that in the conflict between the competing loyalty Syndicate doctrinal and sectarian loyalty to Najaf, explains a lot of events in Iraq menu.

In this conflict it presents chest conditions impossible for political reform, including a radical change in the Ministry of Haider al-Abadi, and the formation of the Ministry of technocrats! And non-interference of the political blocs in the selection of ministers, and to provide those involved in corruption cases to trial, and replacing all the heads of independent bodies and institutions (which is dominated by the call fully Party), among other private media and body election conditions, these conditions mean to blow up a final call from the ruling party, having Alshahraorda at the head of the tradition of the Dawa party and its association with Iran intrinsically full faith in the ideas (religious leader) makes the Iraqi ruling party (the call) Hzea an integral part of the Iranian government, Balavtkak of the dominance of this party can decode the dominant Iran link to Iraq, so maybe the Untold Story him in calling for reform chest. When reading the arguments of Mr. Alshahraorda Political find him talking about the (unit of the estate) and any disagreement, he says, in the estate, it means (betray them). Remember these statements often the ideas fascist parties, the only one-party, which appeared in more than one place in the Arab world after World War II by various names such as (party leader) and (People's Party), he completes Mr. Alshahraorda says: «From almost the estate has almost religion »! And trying to Najaf independence from what he sees Mr. Alshahraorda (and the Dawa Party), they are (betraying the estate) Therefore, we find that the Hawza in Najaf sympathetic to the arguments of the chest escalating, as Mr. Alshahraorda believes that the idea of ​​(exporting the revolution) is an excellent idea, we must believe in all the followers, because they liberated the oppressed, also it finds that the alliances that formed under the name of (international coalition) in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, are not against terrorism, but are against Iran and «Hezbollah» and popular crowd! There is (a common enemy), he says, is the reason (sedition). The tradition of this cleric by the governor of the Iraqi Dawa Party, the observer can know where is the heart of Iraq's political today, and not like the Iraqi government's statements and positions on Arab affairs or global, to see it, or the largest party in which (by invitation) believes that the conflict is not Iraqi - Iraqis, al-Sadr also wants to be seen, but it is lining up a regional, on the chest that Atvhmh that fall under its umbrella, because it displays the Shiite ranks hacked! Here we find that the League of the Righteous, which split some time ago for the chest, stand against him, also stands the popular crowd, which was originally posed in the beginning when it was with the blessing of Mr. Sistani!

The question that the answer will appear quickly because of the expiration of the time limits set by the chest, you can achieve the difficult conditions of the chest, and whether he is able or willing to take the conflict to an end, and to enter into a confrontation with the Iranian influence in Baghdad? Or whether it will fall, as did most of the time when you reach the point of truth? Whatever the possible scenarios, the conflict in Iraq will take different forms, and it is not easy to predict in any way will walk, in the country of corruption and Anhishh close to bankruptcy. The deficit in the imagination of the politicians who are walking behind the clergy are not in front of them!

Last to speak:
at the end of the race closer than contestants from their speed .. This is what is happening around us now from Syria, Iraq and even Libya, Yemen!

Mohammed Rumaihi
* Citing "Middle East