Sadr Abadi required reforms to be "satisfactory and logical" to support [Extended]

2016/3/25 14:46

Sadr Abadi required reforms to be "satisfactory and logical" to support [Extended]
In Baghdad]
Pledged to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, with the support of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in the event of announcing the reforms, "a satisfying and logical," Mmhla him up on Saturday to deliver a technocrat government, and threatened to announce another pause in the absence of announcing package.
Sadr said in a speech read out Tiaph his Friday sermon unified prayer in front of the Green Zone in central Baghdad, Sheikh Asaad Nazareth, and was attended by all of Iraq [where] that "if the announced Abadi for reforms satisfactory where available conditions such as independent technocrats and not to work on the party of power pack, and the authority of the party , we will be supporting Bahtjajatna and support more effectively and peaceful means. "
He continued that "the prime minister said on Saturday out new reforms convincing people about new technocratic government ministers CNA people not to blocks that battle for survival."
"If al-Abadi did not announce on Saturday for reforms satisfactory to the Iraqi people pack, it will be us another pause announce it tomorrow, and will not limit ourselves to sit in front of the green, all of which will be part of the peaceful protests that do not compromise, but corruption or corrupt," calling on the protesters to "commitment as peaceful, central, and not an individual act. "
He threatened chest converts protests against the House who refuse to vote on the upcoming reform package, and said they would be "a lesson to those who take", saying: should pest to look at that in the case of a reform package logical and satisfactory to the Iraqi parliament, and did not reach the appropriate vote due to vote some House of Representatives, it will not be but a diversion and a circular of the protests to be against anyone who did not vote of parliamentarians, and that the House of Representatives who abstain from voting, they will be [names and line broadband] lesson to those who take it. "