Sahlani: the situation is moving towards the formation of a technocratic government of quotas

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Sahlani: the situation is moving towards the formation of a technocratic government of quotas

The head of the Reform Bloc Hilal Sahlani, on Friday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to be filled with "boldness and courage" to confront "M'zajiat" the political blocs in the cabinet reshuffle, and criticized the authorities that promote introductions occurrence Sadmat "Shia Shia", he pointed out that the current situation is going apparently towards forming a government based on a technocratic government quotas.

He Sahlani in a press statement that "most of the political blocs participating in the government form a pressure group in private on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is in favor of the draft ministerial change alleged," noting that "the reforms that the government intends to conduct inconsistent with the interests and desires of the major political blocs that acquires important ministries in the government's fear of loss as a result of the reforms. "

He Sahlani, that "the positions of the blocks apolitical direction reshuffle blurry and fear the loss of their gains," calling the political blocs to "reaffirm its commitment to make a cabinet reshuffle to avoid any tensions could weaken the formation of a new government, as the prime minister to be more daring and courage in the face of the wishes those blocks to form a new cabinet like his father. "

He Sahlani, that "the current situation is on what appears towards forming a government based on government quotas technocrats, which constitutes a dangerous phase," pointing out that "political will does not exist at the moment between those blocks to move forward dialogues serious and that is disappointing is Big".

He criticized Sahlani, "launchers and promoters of rumors that are currently underway are introductions to clashes Shiite - Shiite," stressing that "none of this will not happen because of the presence of the leadership of reference and a high awareness among the people". [Media = http: //]