Replying to a message Brother Ali Mohsen Keywords Esquire (the first episode)

25-03-2016 02:36 PM

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Brother Ali Keywords Esquire

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

the first episode

Thanks for your message illustrations, and this is what you are full of you over a year ago to enrich the debate in this area to provide plans by all those interested in this economic sector is important in these serious and articulated in the history of Iraq stage to protect the country from economic collapse have devastating effects not only on the economic situation of the year of the country, but on the living conditions of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi family income , in particular, its impact on the political, military, service and social conditions of the various sectors of housing, educational, health, agricultural and industrial .... etc

As you know , I did not touch on this subject because of a personal dispute with you, but Iraq is our country, the country of our fathers and grandfathers, and the country of our people and country our children and grandchildren, and to defend it and protect it and attention to his family , the responsibility of every honest person provides public interest over private interests. In this sense Tsidit for this it spoke in the media and has written several articles, has been briefed on the Inquiry that contain a lot of facts, I am in my response to what I said from the paragraphs not , seeking to respond point by point in order to defend my point tribes have your point of view, this polemics is useless, but rather , seeking from pink browning economic and monetary approach to mitigate the effects expected due to difficult circumstances we would face a natural result of the contraction of the country 's resources due to the sharp decline of oil prices world dangerous for the future of the country and its implications, as I like to emphasize that saving mode does not depend on the central bank 's policies, but must the country 's integrated economic plan must be involved a lot of institutions to promote the reality of economic of the country and the absorption of the serious global decline in oil prices impacts and here 's central bank will play a pivotal role in this plan, but not separate from the general policy and the rest of the state institutions have a special role.

The answer to your message and to discuss the clauses may take several messages and this is what I am dealing with gradually consecutive rings, because this matter would be of interest of many officials and those interested in the economic situation, and perhaps the message and discuss the vocabulary may be a platform for the intervention of the wants of economists and those concerned with economic who believe that they have the ability the enrichment of the subject and the advancement of this economic sector is particularly important and significant country and regarding his future in general, and I hope that accept cash (not a criticism) a spirit of sportsmanship in order to adulthood in the country for a beach road and the safety of the public interest of the country, yes , have had to respond to some paragraphs out economic topic which I do not want , but I may be forced to it of the need to place as will be seen could you please forgive me.

You mentioned that you Obulgtm one of my friends for dialogue , in particular, did not know who you mean and did not talk to me anyone in this regard; you said that you are not an imposed on Mr. Abadi, I did not fetch this argument of the daughters of my thoughts, but addressed her brother - Abbadi, is the one who said it, and he knows those who he said, and he knows from being this argument, could you please ask him to give you the answer, and my nature not to talk otherwise has since learned that the right balance between the insured and uninsured is honesty, I do not know that I speak of something not sure of his health.

You said you are someone who does not belong to the party, as I know that you were the Dawa party, but if you leave the party based on the principle that the human factor in the state should not be partisan, I say God bless you this is what can be seen before from people who are trying to not move when Atsenmon center in the state of the premises narrow partisan but Igdoa goal devotion to their country and their homeland and not for their party.

You mentioned that the central bank auction was ongoing since 2003 , why did not object, as you know , since 2003 until 2011 there was not two prices for the dollar, but a few teams is normal commission to the bank, but since mid - 2011 , demand increased abnormally on the dollar because of the economic blockade Iran and bloody events in Syria, and as a result of increased demand for the dollar in this way , there became two prices to the dollar and began the difference is increasing month after month,

I have learned that at the time the seriousness of this situation on the country 's economy talked with Dr. Shabibi in mid-2012 , who shared with me his opinion, was his opinion is also taking practical steps to remove this difference, but as you know that this big difference was the reason for the richness of some of the advantage of the volatility in the currency and such a large difference between the two prices, so no suits them stay Dr. Shabibi after finding out his reform plan because it would close the door to these thefts and Mr. al - Maliki , as you know , was embarrassed by Dr. Shabibi because of his refusal to lend to the government, Vajtmat interest of both parties muggers and Maliki, Vfbrqua ​​him false charges show his innocence later, the risk is a continuation of this difference between the two rates has since out Dr. Sinan even to this day, continuing thefts.

It has many other things you mentioned in your letter to justify to a report that calls for asking these justifications and discussed and that is what I will discuss in the coming episodes, God willing.

Mohammed Tawfiq Allaw