Oil Minister asks open from Abadi vacation and empowers his powers to the Under Secretary [Extended]

History of edits:: 2016/3/24 17:39

[Oan- Baghdad]
Ft Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, a request holiday, open Thursday to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
She said Abdul-Mahdi, in his official to Abadi saying it, "he was respectful to others and the self to take on responsibilities in the conditions of long-rolled Allku and accepting my resignation submitted in 09.08.2015 and the corporate body in the open vacation while having taken or take the House of Representatives the right decision."
And authorized the oil minister of his powers - except for the exclusive ones position Wazzar- Undersecretary oldest Fayyad good grace, "adding that he" decided to stop attending cabinet meetings or related to it, as well as stop to come to the same ministry Cancel all appointments and official events had been scheduled to do them. "
He pointed out that Abdul-Mahdi, "compelled to continue to sign the exclusive things - to the post of Minister of oil-in order not to hamper business and transactions related thereto and all that waiting assign another minister."
He expressed confidence that the Ministry of Oil, "will continue to perform its duties and its business without any disturbance or disruption and the continuation of its approach, which proved that the absence of the minister or any official would not disrupt any work," noting that "the oil ministry will continue to work as Prime Minister and road directions he sees it, the Cabinet Reference The ministry ".