Governor of Wasit province inaugurated the rehabilitation project of two power plants in preparation for the summer

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} inaugurated governor of Wasit owner behind the valley, on Thursday, the rehabilitation project of two power plants in hand Aldboni and Kut district, so as to get ready for the summer.
According to a statement of the province, the agency {Euphrates News received} a copy of the valley , "opened the project the first of two power plants in hand Aldboni replace and add a converted new capacity of 63 megawatts to feed my part Jassan and Aldboni electric power and the other in the Kut district to replace and add converted with a capacity of 190 MW."
The statement for the valley to say, " the opening of the new stations after rehabilitation will contribute and effectively reduce the momentum in the electric power consumption due to population expansion witnessed by the province."
He stressed " the pursuit of local government and in cooperation with the ministry concerned and the relevant authorities to supplement the electricity sector and all that would Wasti in citizen service. "
He pointed out the valley , " there will be inauguration of the new plant in the coming days in terms of the Gospels, so Tzamanana with the approach of summer and the consumption of electric power and equipped with electricity and maintain a 24 - hour ".