US Defense Secretary: accelerate the pace of Daash defeat in Iraq and Syria
US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said that the international coalition led by the United States , "speeds up the pace of defeating al Daash in Iraq and Syria."
Comes Carter 's remarks coincide with the launch of a military operation today for the Liberation of Nineveh province.
The US defense secretary said Wednesday in an interview with the station CNN News that "Brussels attacks appear to Europe , they need to join the United States in the intensification of the fight against al Daash in Iraq and Syria . " .
" the Brussels incident will show Europeans more that while accelerating the pace of our campaign to defeat Daash in Syria, Iraq and other places they need to accelerate their efforts to join us."
the three explosions took place in the Belgian capital "Brussels , " the morning of Tuesday, March 22 , began Panevjarin occurred near the departure airport "Zaventem" international lounge, third Oakbhma in the subway station near the EU headquarters, killing 34 people and injuring 135 others so far, while the evacuated airport authorities halted the hyphen trains his movement, also stopped subway traffic in the capital. the
Belgian police said the identity of the two bombers and two brothers with conflicting reports about the arrest of the third suspect.