Parliamentary Legal finish the final wording of the amnesty law and sends it to the presidency

2016-03-24 23:48:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Announced that the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives by a sound Shawki, Thursday, for the completion of the final wording of the law of general amnesty and sent to the Presidency, and as he emphasized that the Commission pending the inclusion on the agenda, revealed some of the categories covered by the law.

The MP said Salim Chawki in an interview (range Press), " The general amnesty law had been read a first reading and the second after trading with the political blocs and committees concerned with getting to the final version of the law , " noting that " the person who will include amnesty law should not have an impact bad for society. "

Shawki added that " the law included the addict to drugs as a victim and Jermna drug trafficking , " adding that " the law also included some of the killings by law in the event of a waiver with the victim about the case and paid blood money to them as well as the inclusion of restores funds embezzled from the state - mentioned law, the counterfeiters who re - state funds. "

Shawky said that "there is disagreement on the abduction issues covered in the law, including those who have committed crimes of kidnapping without injury victims damage or loss , " pointing out that " the weight of Muharram and sodomy cases do not include amnesty law."

Shawki stressed that " the law has not ignored the rights of the victim and has taken into account fully , " explaining that " the draft law was handed over to the Presidency as the final and we are awaiting presentation to the council meeting schedule."

The General Amnesty Law of the most important political program which was agreed upon between the political blocs to form a government in September 2014 items.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives passed in the year 2008, the general amnesty act which released thousands of detainees at the time, but he met a broad objections by some political parties being contributed to the release of some of the leaders of al Qaeda in a timely manner.