Chest: calls for political blocs to declare its position clearly and without delay

BAGHDAD - Al- Sabah reiterated the cleric, Muqtada al - Sadr, his call to the Prime Minister, the implementation of reforms , "without boasting or fear" As student travel ban "corrupt officials" out of the country and sent back to Iraq immediately called for a rally in Tahrir Square on Friday , to establish a unified prayer.
invitations Mr. Muqtada al - Sadr, accompanied by confirmation made by his spokesman, Salah al - Obeidi, said through that , "Mr. Muqtada al - Sadr gave for independent management of portfolios and not a substitute Ministry proposed names."
Sadr said in a press statement issued yesterday: there is news that "almost certain" for the travel of a group of officials, who haunt some suspicions of corruption, calling for preventing them from traveling, and sent back to Iraq immediately , "he urged the countries concerned, not to give them the opportunity to escape and run away. He called on the leader of the Sadrist movement, to set up a rally in Tahrir Square in the morning on Friday, and the establishment of a unified prayers in front of the green gates stressing the importance of "access to all the participants in a peaceful manner and we came out after the end of the prayer immediately peacefully too, without the protestors , of course ," he said , "nor too fine to be uniform Friday for all sects of Muslims to be the title of the unity and reform . " .
the new chest, his call for "dialogue with all parties concerned to get to the reform desired, especially with the other blocs is the national Alliance , " calling the other blocs to "bear the national responsibility in front of challenges, or will be" responsible before God and the people will be falling short of it , "calling on them to declare clearly its position and without delay. "
he said al- Sadr" some commonly that what we are doing from the reform project but is otherwise "Shiite Shiite , " stressing that it is wrong, pointing to " the absence of any form with any Shiite party reformer , " adding that " the project is a popular challenge in front of government corruption without regard to religion, race, creed or even party and other affiliation. "
the new - Sadr call to the prime minister, said that" serves to implement reforms without boasting or fear of any of the disguised blocks on Vasudaiha and Mqbarha , such that this two - stage , no more, and with it will soon be the people 's aspirations and wishes. " in
turn, the spokesman for the leader of the Sadrist movement, Salah al - Obeidi, said : " Mr. Muqtada al - Sadr gave for independent management of portfolios and not the Ministry of alternative proposed names. "
Obeidi said in a statement journalist: " the al - Sadr will not offer an alternative ministry even proposed the names of independent the more than 70 people," adding that "what has been announced by Mr. al- Sadr from the independent names of technocrats capable of managing the portfolios according to the calendar independent Preparatory Committee , " noting that the "Abadi parliament the Ataattiya with it positively if Haoua. "