Procedures to enact the law defines the mandates of the three presidencies two sessions

Said the information department in the House of Representatives that the council embarked on the implementation of paragraph 4 of the paper parliamentary reforms launched by the Council voted unanimously at its No. 10 dated 11.08.2015, which provided for the enactment to determine the states of the three presidencies two sessions , the Council proceeded to take legislative action to approve the law.
the general director of the information department of the House of Representatives Mohammed Abu Bakr: the Council has completed the first reading of the bill in the session No. 14 dated 17/08/2015, and voted on the first reading to him at the meeting No. (15 ) dated 08/25/2015 and to continue legislation of the law in principle.
He said Abu Bakr, in an interview for the "morning", said the report read the bill came and discussed at the meeting No. (13) dated 03/02/2016, noting that the chairman of the board Representatives at the same meeting , the completion of the law of discussions with the heads of blocs and parliamentary committees.
He said Abu Bakr said the number of council members who have had interventions on the bill (33) deputies, their interventions were focused on the reservation to enact the law as restricting a party at the expense of another, and to demand inclusion three presidencies in the Kurdistan region of the bill and the emphasis on the enactment of the law being regulated devolution in line with the content of the Constitution and the urge to speed up legislation of the law as required by the emerging democracy of a law to prevent monopoly in any position for an open call for the need to enact the law, and that includes all the top positions in the joints of the state , whether in the center or the region.
he said Director General of the department of Information said some deputies who discussed the project made it clear that to point out that the bill does not have any legit cover or unconstitutional, and that the offenses are contrary to constitutional articles and call to mind the constitutional provisions, particularly relating to the powers of the regions not inconsistent with the constitutional order and to emphasize the importance of taking into account the change in the law name and include the names and other positions and special ministerial proposal to separate the bill for other positions, and confined to defining the mandates of the three presidencies.
on the other hand between the media circuit by Adel Hassan Dvar that discussants law deputies demanded avoiding errors in the choice of the people, and bring new opportunities to help the discovery capabilities.
Dvar explained, in an interview for the "morning", said council members in the panel discussion confirmed that the draft law contains a constitutional violation in regards to the regional president and the prime minister, and to call for an amendment to the paragraphs, noting that parliamentarians inquired about the issue to avoid legal committee prior to the formal objections to the Federal Court in order to move legislation of the law.