The Coordination Committee: efforts to reach understandings with the protestors

BAGHDAD - Omar Abdel - Latif waiting Coordinating Committee emanating from the three presidencies of the meeting, and thepolitical blocs to meet with the protesters and listen to their demands, to find a formula to meet with the protesters in the coming hours of Thursday.
She Commission, that it would return to the leaders of political blocs and the three presidencies to tell them in the event of failure to reach an agreement among themselves. Contact the leaders of the protest , said the Central Committee of the Communist Party secretary, Hamid Majid Moussa, a member of the Commission to negotiate with the protesters, in a statement singled out the "morning" that the committee contacted the leaders and representatives of the committees sit and informed them of wanting to talk about the mechanisms that contribute to involve them reform process, agreed upon by the participants in a meeting of political forces and blocs with the three presidencies, adding that among the commitments made by the meeting uphold the comprehensive reform is multifaceted, and initiate the ministerial change on the basis of specifications and features that approved such as competence and integrity away from quotas, and only limited change the ministry only, but includes independent bodies and special grades on the same basis and standards, and activate the laws and institutions against corruption and to prosecute the corrupt and restore state funds to the treasury, as well as activation of the House of representatives for the completion of broken laws or delayed so far, and the involvement of representatives of the protesters in the development of mechanisms for accelerating the process of reform. He said Moussa, said the protesters raised their programs and their data, indicating that the Commission was to summarize the situation and submit the report to the representatives of the meeting during the next two days, and expected to ease the political atmosphere, particularly in the case of the unification of the nominations that emerged from the committee set up by Sayyed Moqtada al - Sadr and the committee formed before Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi. application of standards expressed Moses, hope, to apply the same criteria and standards which unanimously by the political powers in the selection of candidates, who should meet the efficiency, integrity and adherence to national standards, democracy and administrative, away from quotas, warning of retrenchment which can lead to confuse the political process. He showed Moses optimism to be the political atmosphere, in the coming days is positive, as it was during the last meeting between the political blocs and the three presidencies, stressing the need that everyone is committed to the agreement which provided for the activation of the reform and the formation of a committee fueling change Ministerial and examine issues of independent bodies and restructuring, explaining that all of this if it ended and began parliament to work and return to normal activity after the holiday will open then good prospects, especially in the case of the participation of representatives of the protesters and demonstrators in all these activities, aimed at reforming the country and create an atmosphere and conditions for the position of best to cope terrorism and the elimination of "Daash." positive results Meanwhile , a member of the IGC, Kanna, head of the list of Mesopotamia parliamentary, in a statement singled out the "morning" that the demonstrations is a natural right, provided that riding a wave people against the political process, has directed ( the demonstrations) incorrectly and gets the bad consequences, stressing that the committee with the legitimate demands of the protestors, expressing fears of attempts to "ride the wave" that may be sought by some of the orphans of the former regime, who do not believe in peaceful democratic change and seek to torpedo the political process completely and return by back to square one . between we were, that the committee is trying to not be there decisions and Trashqat media between demonstrators and the government, on the grounds that the actress government for all parties agree that reform and change and the prosecution of corruption and corrupt, but there is a fear of procrastination demands and impose a fait accompli and the will of one or uniqueness a certain decision, stressing that the Committee had requested the meeting , " the committee coordinating the protestors and demonstrators , but there were not a joint command of the sit -in " warning that when preparing this committee will be realized direct meetings between the Commission and the leaders of the protesters and leaders of political parties, and expected a positive outcome "in the coming hours of this today "Thursday." He hinted we were, that the committee will push toward responding and responding to the demands of the protesters, adding that the candidates for the committee formed by Sayyed Moqtada al - Sadr, includes a number of characters who are not quite their own, but there are those who are from outside the country, and are not technocrats or independents, and may not convergence admissibility in parliament ,which must be voted on by this formula, suggesting that we are waiting for Mastesfr by the Committee on the Prime Minister , consisting of 11 figures representing the colors of the Iraqi society choices.