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Asadi: Barzani becomes wanted for judicial authorities

Thursday, 22 March 2012 17:26 | | |

Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Hussien al-Asadi, of the State of Law Coalition announced that "The President of Kurdistani Region, Masoud Barzani, becomes a wanted individual for the judicial authorities because he insists on hiding the judicially wanted Vice-President, Tariq al-Hashimi."

Speaking to All Iraqi News Agency (AIN), he said "Barzani's last escalation will not get him away from justice."

Earlier, Barzani accused "the Central Government to of involving the Kurds in Hashimi's case by suggesting facilitating his escape through Kurdistan Region abroad."

Barzani also announced that the Kurdish country will be announced soon, calling the political leader for an urgent meeting.

Recently, the relations between the State of Law Coalition and the Kurdistani Alliance witnessed some tensions as the President of KR, Masoud Barzani, in his speech at the Second National Conference for the Kurdistani Youth held in Erbil on Thursday, said “We will not hand over VP Hashimi because he came to Kurdistan Region to meet with the President Talabani,” calling “to settle his case through the three presidencies.”

For his part, Yasin Majeed, member of the State of Law Coalition criticized Barzani's statements about his refusal to hand over the judicially wanted Vice-President, Tariq al-Hashimi. /End/