Chest: the Abadi to be brave to the implementation of reforms and prevent the travel of spoilers

The number of visits: 45 Published on: 23/3/2016, 12:30

He called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to be "brave" in the implementation of reforms.

Sadr said in a statement that "I reiterate my call to the Prime Minister as his custody for his courage in the end of the third mandate to be brave in the implementation of reforms [Hla] without boasting or fear from any of the disguised blocks on Vasudaiha and Mqbarha that be two stages and no more, and with him will soon be to the aspirations of the people and his wishes. "

He noted, "We have received the news almost certain exit officials of the green and travel abroad, but they came out of the Green Zone, this in itself applies [almost criminal to say take me] As they travel, especially [spoilers] of them requires a speed up to prevent them from traveling and sent back to Iraq immediately, and urge States concerned not to give them the opportunity to escape and run away. "

He said al-Sadr "I find of interest the establishment gathered in Tahrir Square in the next Friday morning to prepare for the establishment of a unified prayer for each Sawat Baghdad and its suburbs when the protestors and stationed in front of the green gates, hoping to be entering a ladder and exit after the end of the prayer immediately peacefully also without the protestors, of course, there is nothing wrong so be uniform Friday for all Muslims sects to be the title of the unity and reform. "

The new leader of the Sadrist movement, his call for "dialogue with all the parties involved to reach the desired reform, especially with the other blocs is [National Alliance] in that it responded to our call earlier for dialogue, for the other blocs that national responsibilities bear in front of challenges, but they are responsible before God and before the people it will be remiss in this, so I must declare its position clear without delay. "

He noted "some commonly that what we do [reform project] but is otherwise Hasai Shiite, and this is wrong, I do not have any forms with any Shiite party reformer, but our project is a popular challenge to government corruption without regard to religion, race, creed or even party affiliation and others. "