War: Imran standing in front of an early parliamentary elections, I do not think that members of Parliament will agree to vote on the solution themselves ..!

Dated: 03/23/2016 Wednesday 7:27

Follow-up / Iraq today
Noted legal expert Tareq Harb, to the call by some for early parliamentary elections on 3/21/2016, this is the opinion of the war: "standing in front of her two important things: First, is the dissolution of parliament and the second is the security conditions for some of the provinces that impede action elections as there may be an election with the existing parliament has not been dissolved,
So if the dissolution of parliament as mandated by Article 64 of the Constitution are two ways, the first way is the solution Parliamentary, ie the members of parliament to dissolve parliament and have it at the request of one-third of the members of Parliament, any request of 110 members plus the vote of Parliament by an absolute majority to agree to the solution of any vote 165 members on the dissolution of parliament, so that the number of members of parliament, 338 members, and the third 110 and the absolute majority of 165 members ", according to the war, it is unlikely that the parliamentarians to dissolve themselves, he says:" we do not believe that members of parliament will agree to vote on the solution even if there was a request from a third of the members of parliament because they cling to the parliamentary even under last minute on 06.30.2018, the last day in the life of the parliament is to complete the electoral cycle amounting to four years, because the first session of parliament was on 07/01/2014 "the second way to dissolve the parliament, according to war:" he is Executive way as prescribed in Article 65 of the Constitution mentioned earlier where mandated that article the Prime Minister to apply to the President of the Republic for approval of the dissolution of parliament, and upon approval by the President of the Republic on the solution ends adjective parliamentary members of parliament they like it or not, Schtoa or are content, and we believe that the Executive way that ends the life of the parliament in the current election cycle is the closest to execution if things heated up worse when the prime minister exercised his powers to the parliament. the second thing that we must take it into account in the case early elections, is whether or not the possibility of holding elections in some provinces as mayor of Nineveh, Anbar and Salahuddin security conditions known which were not present when conducting another election on 04/30/2014, noting that the previous article of the Constitution had to hold elections within sixty days from the date of the dissolution of parliament and the Council of Ministers is in this case have resigned and continues to run everyday things only. "