A senior Arab economic conference next May to discuss investment opportunities in Iraq

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Announced Arab Contractors Union, starting organizational arrangements to hold an economic conference looking investment opportunities in Iraq is scheduled to take place in the month of May in the Jordanian capital Eman.oukal president of the Federation of Arab Contractors Fahd Al Hammadi said "the Arab Conference on Iraq and the exhibition will be held in collaboration with the Ministry of Works and Housing of Jordan Chamber of Commerce Jordan will host 11 ministers from Iraq and some of the relevant responsible authorities in Iraq. "He added," the conference also includes the three days several sessions and which include completed projects and stalled and future projects in Iraq and projects the current stage and the urgent needs. "He added, as will be discussed," investment opportunities available in Iraq and the role of Iraqi and Arab banks in the reconstruction and investment and the role and programs of international organizations operating in Iraq and the role of Iraqi and Arab associations in the reconstruction and investment and legislation on reconstruction and investment potentials of financing and lending of Arab financial institutions. "he pointed Hammadi that" there will be posts of Arab financial institutions in the conference in addition to the discussion of many problems, including the lifting of customs duties on equipment, manpower, money transfers, bank guarantees in Iraq, the integration of the Arab companies a mechanism for the implementation of projects in Iraq. "and," the strategic plan for the Union began in the implementation, which aims to increase localization factories and businesses in the Arab Contracting Arab projects, and try to make the most of the projects in the Arab region Boaada companies, Arab ", stressing president of the Federation of Arab Contractors that" the revolution of the digital economy stationed now in the Arab world need more Arab solidarity in the construction sector development sector, "noting "there will be a wide participation in this conference of the Arab companies in Saudi Arabia, including the companies."