Jawad al - Attar: fission of the National Alliance has become a reality and the return of the National Coalition is likely

2016-03-23 ​​05:11:48 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Hold the future Center for Strategic Studies circle discussion monthly under the title ( the future of the National Alliance in light of the political process variables in Iraq), Dr. Ahmed Adnan Mayali a political science professor at Baghdad University, the affection and prosperity Assembly Hall with the participation of a group of academics, journalists and activists in the field of human rights researchers. ., in which Mr. Jawad al - Attar leader of the political council of the Iraqi work and who has had the value of an intervention on the beginnings of the formation of the coalition and the main motives were purely electoral aims mainly to bridge the political maturity of the majority not only hosted.
But the other thing and talk to Professor Attar is the historical sense of exclusion , which is the axis that controls the formation and survival of entitlement and adherence to what is known as the electoral quota system within the same coalition,
He said Al - Attar: There effects intercepted by the beginning of this alliance and the continuation of the future and here it revolves around the role of Iran and the reference internal and external challenges and challenges.
But the most important thing is the continuing challenges of the alliance itself, which proved harbingers over a year ago about the inability to agree to write the rules of procedure governing the affairs of the coalition and paints a personal picture of his leadership that is consensus around and manages its affairs smoothly and streamlined in various fields.
He pointed out : that the absence of this agreement is what caused a lot of crises in the country, the National CAST parliamentary bloc , the largest owner and is the final word in passing laws and activation of parliamentary oversight.
He concluded Attar: The differences within the components of the weakest parliament dramatically and make the entire political process is at stake, particularly with the current demonstrations crisis and the accompanying protests, which put him finally has two choices only two: either the collapse of the National Alliance and fading from the scene completely, something totally unlikely now , despite bone challenges and controversies or Anctarh to a state of law and the national coalition, something unlikely in light of the convergence of views between Mr. Sadr and Mr. Hakim , the two pillars of the Iraqi National coalition.

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