Deputy: the arrival of US troops to Iraq is tantamount to a new occupation

2016/3/22 13:06

Deputy: the arrival of US troops to Iraq is tantamount to a new occupation
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} promised National Alliance MP Ferdous al-Awadi, on Tuesday, announced the international coalition and the arrival of troops from the American Marines to Iraq, "obstructing the efforts of the Iraqi security forces and the popular crowd in their quest for the liberation of the remaining occupied territories, however Daash terrorist."
She said Al-Awadi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, that "all the signs are owned by the official Iraqi military sources, as well as the popular crowd, all the stresses are not accepted confusion that America is the biggest supporter of party Daash and has on numerous occasions to strike Iraqi forces and the crowd People in order to decode surround them in more than one region. "

She added, "This matter can not be interpreted as the goodwill of the American side, which is a direct cause of what Iraq is going through crises and the repercussions, but be interpreted as a new occupation of Iraq and the blatant interference of Interior for privacy, noting that" if there was any goodwill from before America was committed to the military agreements signed with him and provided him with weapons necessary to help him in his fight Daash which would not have been all that time remain without it. "

She continued, saying, "How the Iraqi government improve conjecture State of betrayal in the Haunted not received weapons hour of need, and openly declared their quest for the division of the country according to sectarian lines and nationalism, and how the government can allow these forces to be involved with military operations, the same these forces is that was the first disruptive to many victories. "

US forces and warned of "thinking about the involvement of these forces because it will be occupied forces into the resistance forces and the popular crowd and the Liberals from the Iraqis."

The US military announced earlier that a force of US Marines are on the ground in Iraq, to ​​support the efforts of the United States, the Alliance Against Daash, explaining that a group of Marines belonging to the unit 26 in the US forces will reinforce already in Iraq to fight Daash.

As has denied the defense ministry, the presence of any US ground troops involved in the war against our forces Daash Alarhabiy.anthy