Gang arrested for counterfeiting in Diwaniya-trained "special" in Baghdad

Twilight News / Diwaniya province police command announced on Monday for the arrest of a gang specialized rigging the Iraqi currency more than 14 million fake and possession.

He Diwaniyah police chief Maj. Gen. Hamza Abdul Zaid Kazim said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, Financial Intelligence Division and the economy has been able to arrest A gang of two specialized rigging the Iraqi currency, noting that he set the possession of the amount of fake money of $ 14 and 250 000 dinars class 10 thousand and 25 thousand dinars, as well as adjust the printing press for the rest of forgery and other supplies.

He said the defendants sold the currency to sell counterfeit currency in Diwaniya, in agreement with someone who buys the amount of one million dinars fake 150 thousand dinars.

He noted the police chief to receive a private defendants on counterfeiting currency in Baghdad exercises but the continuous follow-up of the accused after collecting information from them by the police and private sources was behind their arrest.