Adoption of local employment maintains foreign currency

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice - Wafaa Amer
called for an economist to rely on local labor in the implementation of projects because of their economic feasibility with the prevention of hard currency transfer abroad.
This comes after were known the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on the feet of some employers conceal the whereabouts of foreign migrant workers to the country they are working without legal cover. drain money the expert said Rahim al - Shammari »Sabah«: the «Iraq has the skilled labor in various fields, in addition to a lot of unemployed people , which requires employment simple training, so it does not need imported labor from abroad ». but Shammari pointed to« the possibility of making use of foreign talent within the country or be attracted to the training and development of local workers, according to prior agreements and specific periods and is not open so as not to deplete hard currency ». and found the expert reliance on foreign her employment cons related to the growing phenomenon of domestic unemployment because foreign labor accounts for most of the employment opportunities for lack of wages and hours of work long. therefore it urges Shammari on the need to take advantage of the young energies in the country and integrate the labor market, through incentives offered by government agencies in collaboration with the private sector , which is attracting the biggest of these energies. legal cover in the context of connected, said ministry spokesman Amar Menem »Sabah»: the inspection teams of the Department of employment and loans in the ministry and through follow - up to file foreign labor in the country, it revealed that some employers allows you to hide the whereabouts of foreign migrant workers into the country. According to Menem that the exploitation of these workers by criminal gangs and sale and purchase, is being widely, which he attributed to the absence of a security deterrent to follow up this file , which promised more than a government institution responsibility, especially as they sign contracts with foreign necessitates the restriction of freedom of movement and residence of the Ministry of Labour workers social Affairs being directly responsible for granting licenses and legal work and pursue violators and abusers to deter them. negative effects , said the spokesman for the ministry to that of foreign labor negative effects on Iraqi society that unknown to many, deal with negativity, which paid for gullible foreigners because they are working without legal protection safeguard their rights work as well as they are exposed to exploitation Altaalin gangs and terrorist traffickers causing the events of security breaches of the anonymity of their premises, pointing out that the operating and loan department and through the Department of Arabs and foreigners , which, granted work permits for about 1602 foreign workers since 2010 until now.