industry completes the second factory for the production of concrete

BAGHDAD - morning
completed the General Company for the design and implementation of projects , one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Acts concrete factory in the Dora district to be the second plant for the production of this article in addition to the factory
And the director of the media center and public relations Abdul Wahid Alwan al - Shammari said the factories equipped with the latest machinery for the production of concrete Ready and the best international standards and production capacity is high, indicating the possibility of adding improvers required to concrete , as requested by the
He noted that the concrete product is subject to examination and laboratory possesses the plants a fleet of dedicated to the transfer of such material to the consumer and the company 's tanker car is fully prepared to set up a mobile laboratory to produce concrete ready in work sites of the large amounts required , noting that the Saidiya factory contains 3 silos and plant Abu Dshir on 2 silo the per Granaries capacity (100 tons) it works automatically as each plant containing tanks and system cooling
to between competent in economic affairs Ali Hilfi the expansion of al - Qaeda production of the country is extremely important in light of the current circumstances experienced by the country, especially since the production is according to international standards and under the supervision of standardization and quality control that allows continuously work performed as Tahrh approved specifications.
He noted that the expansion of the production of concrete is important in With the need for this article at a time that the country is on the verge of implementation of projects in all