Karbala Council: the privatization of the electricity sector in the areas of production and distribution

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It announced the Karbala Provincial Council, on Monday, for the privatization of the electricity sector in the areas of production and distribution.
He said council member satisfaction Sailawi L / balance News /, "we have taken several measures with regard to the field of fuel and electricity, and that he was obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Electricity in the privatization of the energy sector in the areas of production and distribution."
He added that, "This project was put up for investment by the companies concerned and be self-invested, and levies taken from citizens proportion of those companies, for the purpose of sustainability to work in these projects, particularly electric power projects in the area of ​​distribution."
He Sailawi to, that "the province has many stalled projects in the areas of energy and fuel, including secondary stations as the stations north of Karbala and east of Karbala, south of Karbala, and plant new Karbala, Abrahamic, as well as to stop power that binds goods station in Karbala transmission lines."
And between a member of the Council, that "many of the areas you need to distribution networks that are still parked so far, as well as stop a huge number of projects in the distribution sector, as a result of the absence of funds from the Ministry of Electricity."
The energy production in Iraq amounted to about 12 thousand megawatts, but it is still below the level of ambition and the need, which amounts to more than 20 thousand MW to all parts of Iraq, which needs a huge investment to get to the sufficiency Almata.

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