Political scientist: presidencies meeting went by "shameful"

BAGHDAD - balances News
Observers described the political affairs researcher Rahim al-Shammari, said the three Presidency and leaders of political blocs meeting came out by the shameful not live up to the level of the crisis facing Iraq, but that these meetings make the sit-revolution becoming increasingly popular and turnout.
The researcher continued Shammari's / balances News /, "The three presidents meeting failed and did not come Track and protestors are demanding change and reform and the reality of the situation be real people and touching results in a short period, and the demands of the day and got to change the head of the government, parliament and the judiciary, as Hola politicians look for squatters Bagheimh cross ".
Among al-Shammari, "The intransigence and procrastination if it continues for ten days to come will not be easy at all, and may see these presidents escape, especially after the sympathy of the army and police with the protesters" ,, adding that "the blocks that you can not chart a course for the management of the country and extend its security and stability and to provide the most basic services people over thirteen years, certainly will not be able to exceed the current crisis. "
He said al-Shammari, said that "the Sunnis, which saw demonstrations and sit-ins in Iraq covenants and property of the Republic and after the occupation, was a way to dissolve the government and its resignation and the formation of irreplaceable, or management of an interim transitional government."
He Shammari, that "the situation today is different from many things, including corruption and thefts amounted to offload the country of his fortune, and this in itself defines the features of the next state that you should not have any presence of politicians who have failed in the general policy of the country's management, including economic and Althaagafih, social, and therefore, coup against the deplorable situation and not on the entire political process is finding its way to the Iraqi street, ".

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