Alasaib congratulates Kurds celebrating "Nowruz"

BAGHDAD - balances News
Headbands Movement congratulated the people of the right, on Monday, the Kurdish people on the occasion of Nowruz holidays, stressing the importance of solidarity among the Iraqi people.
The movement said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it "congratulates the people of Iraqi Kurdistan on the occasion of Novruz holiday," calling that "this day be day to strengthen the Iraqi brotherhood and national cohesion."
She added, "For the Aasana but mention patiently Kurds and their heroism alongside their brethren in the other in fighting the Baathist regime of Iraqi cities offender," pointing out that "the march of jihad is not over, but in the delivery of our country to full stability and defeated all threatening to the security of its people and their unity."
She emphasized, that "the need for solidarity at this time to face the forces of evil and terrorism", saying that it was "inevitable unity and uniqueness policies or exclusion overthrow us all."