Karbouli: Commission reforms scheduling formed along sectarian and national quotas

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He bloc solution parliamentary chief Mohammad Karbouli, Monday, two problems that the two committees by the government and declared them during a meeting of the three presidencies are based on the basis of quotas, sectarianism and nationalism.
Karbouli said L / balance News /, "it was to form two special committee to follow up the demands of the protesters, and the second for the ministerial committee to schedule repairs."
He added that the "Commission reforms consist of 11 members to schedule, four members of the National Alliance and the Union of Forces for two and two for the Kurdistan Alliance, in addition to the three presidencies," and thus it is clear they are formed along sectarian and national quotas.
He explained that "this committee will be supportive of the decisions of the Prime Minister in the Supreme Committee for the fight against corruption."
And it resumed political blocs to form committees in accordance with the quota system, in spite of the mass rejection of this principle.
The outcome of the three presidencies meeting on the formation of a committee of reforms that have been announced during the third presidencies meetings, according to sectarian quotas and scheduling Alqomah.
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