Obeidi: desired by the people change does not serve the "interests" of the political blocs

Criticized Natqan as the Sadrist Movement and the Council of the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs Meeting, and a description of its results without encouraging as the delay of the time.

He said Salah al - Obeidi , a spokesman for the cleric in a press statement today: " The three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs meeting was a positive point and several indicators negative , "noting that" the positive side is to put an end to the voices of anomaly within some political blocs , which calls for beating protesters and the use of force against them and the adoption of sanctions against cooperating with the demonstrators security forces. "

He said al - Obeidi, said that" the negative points that I mentioned to the outcome of the meeting It includes the method of forming committees to listen to the demands of the protesters as if the political forces and the government in the silo did not know the calls and appeals to the masses since the start of the demonstrations in July 2015 , "noting that" the Sadrist movement, according to the political experience and as reading a preliminary view that the purpose of the committees is the delay time. "

he continued Obeidi, said that " the current leader Moqtada al - Sadr does not want to post the Liberal bloc members in the government of technocrats upcoming either independents or current - mail addresses," he said . "there are some attempts have been adopted by some political parties on the Sadr movement wants to lead the country into the abyss , or could open the door to return Daash again. "

He pointed Obeidi, that" the committee set up by al- Sadr to choose independent candidates do not impose on the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi by choice, but its powers expire when evaluating candidates and look at their careers practical and personal , "stressing that" some political parties are trying to Single avoid independent fact that it is not in their interests if the government was formed this framework because it will open them many files, including the stolen money and other corruption cases file. " in

turn , spokesman for the Supreme Islamic Council , Hamid Maaleh, said that" the combined parties in response to a meeting this circumstance is crucial "adding , " We have heard from the speakers that the meeting discussed the important things and concluded the formation of three committees. "

He Maaleh that" the task of the committees first follow - up appointments by proxy, and the other to follow up the affairs of the protesters and the protesters and meet with them, and the third to follow other reforms, "but he also said , " but guess on the mind of the recipient to form committees does not lead to a real and realistic purposes. "

He continued Maaleh," We hope to turn the work of the committees to serious and real issue, because it is difficult and dangerous , and the complexity and perhaps lengthen also of time , "expressing his surprise at the" formation of a committee for the protesters in the time demands protesters are known. "